Disadvantages of Parents Working Overseas

Working in other countries is not a simple task. Moreover, apart from the heavy work and the dangers they face every day is that they must work away from their homes. This is one of the options of working away from home that is difficult to bear for both the parents and children.

No matter how overseas workers enjoy their company when they are giving jokes and sharing funny stories, laughing and screaming with delight in their togetherness, when the sun goes down and they return to their respective rooms, they cannot prevent themselves from becoming lonely.

They always think of their families, especially their children, and they always look forward to the day when they would go on vacation and be reunited with family members. They cannot just talk to anybody about issues related to the family. Apart from some who have adjusted and established friendship in the workplace, many have to keep family issues to themselves.

We could just imagine how one would react and feel when there is an accident or emergency at home. Worse, when a family member becomes ill and hospitalized, he may not be there right away to attend to his sick child or spouse. The irony is that there are times when, despite how workers miss their families and worrying about them every day, they could not have enough time to talk with their loved ones through phone because the work is so busy at times.

One of the difficult situations is when the father or the mother who has been working abroad for quite a long time, their little child can’t recognize them and treats them like a stranger. This usually happens with little children who in their young minds could not understand why their father or mother has to be absent for a month or more from home.

No one can replace the presence of a father or mother at home. Children who grew up with a parent or both parents working abroad somehow have that feeling that there is a gap to fill. Resentments could spark misunderstanding between children and parents despite sincere efforts from parents to create better relationships. These are some of the downsides of families, which parent or both are working abroad.

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