Is The Paris Accord Working?

The news today that the global warming situation has plateaued is great news but the earth is still over 1% warmer than was anticipated. While it is now stable the next move is to get it to drop substantially in the immediate future. If this does not happen the consequences could be catastrophic as weather patterns are already increasing in severity. This is having an effect on agriculture, sea levels, and security of homes, businesses, and governments.

The Antarctic ice is melting at a faster rate than expected while the Arctic is already so far affected that pathetic images are being shown on videos of starving bears caught on small icebergs unable to get back to land.

Such stories will soon be the norm as there is little chance of ice restoration anytime soon. From my studies in archaeology the Ice Age ended some 20,000 years ago and the way the earth is going there will not be another one likely for some time.

It’s too early, of course, to say how the Paris Accord is working but countries are doing their best to help it along. China is replacing coal-fired power stations with renewable energy as are many districts in other countries. In the Australian Capital Territory, where I live, the number of areas under solar panels and wind farms is extensive and growing. The government has promised to be 100% renewable by 220.

To its credit it is now building a light rail service to replace the buses and the trains will use the solar energy. Street lights and other things are also saving on power. Many homes have solar panels on their roof tops and all up the situation is in hand.

It seems that State Governments in the USA are also ignoring Trump’s expected withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and are likewise building their renewable systems. Other state governments in Australia are doing the same although the Federal Government favours coal.

As the world waits and most are taking the call seriously the question is whether it is all too late. Have we gone past the point of no return? That is something that only time will tell.

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