What Case Managers Should Know Before Working With Air Ambulance Staff

Air ambulance service providers aren’t made equal. There are those which advertise in the yellow pages to offer services yet they don’t own a single aircraft. What they do is offer brokerage services linking patients in need of the services to companies that own planes. These companies use the lowest bid to get the highest markup possible. It is thus important to know if staff are genuine and if they meet the requirements expected of them.

Before working with staff, there are important things that case managers should know.

1. Can the Providers be Trusted?

Trust is normally earned by being the best in whatever you do and delivering on your promises. When making a phone call to a vendor, you are already burdened by the thought of carrying someone you care very much for in less than ideal conditions. Case managers will want to work with medical transport companies who can be trusted to take care of their patients.

2. Range of Services

Case managers will want to know the range of services which the service providers offer before they opt to work with them. Among the important things to check are experienced and well trained medical personnel. This is important as it makes coordinating with medical personnel an easy experience. Bedside to bedside care to the patient is important. The service provider should be able to pick the sick person from his or her hospital bed and provide the necessary company until the final destination. It’s also of importance to determine if the members of the team have the requisite licenses needed to provide high quality care. Expertise in medical insurance and a wide range of related issues is most desirable. The case managers need to ascertain if the service providers work with legal professionals who advise them about insurance claims and sort out things which could be related to your flight.

3. Support Team

Other than checking the qualifications of the medical team, the experience and training which the flight team offers is an important consideration which case managers should check. There are some instances when it’s necessary to puck a patient in the world’s most remote places, a fact that could pose challenges to inexperienced pilots. As a matter of fact, there are service providers whose pilots and other support staff have received the best training from world’s well known trainers. If you comprehend of the ability which these professionals offer, case managers can rest assured their patients will receive excellent quality of care.

4. Why they’re the Best

There are a few air ambulance companies that offer services from the start to the end at the best rates possible while others will outsource some of the services thus escalating the costs. Case managers will only be interested in seeking the services of the best staff as this is the only way they can guarantee their patients of value for their money. Case managers should choose those that can exceed their minimum standard of care.

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